Technical Issues

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How do I get Zoom Math?
To start with, click here for instructions.

My Zoom Math app got deleted.
Just re-install it and use the same registration key again.

I can’t find my registration key.
Click here and we’ll find it in our records.

Zoom Math runs slow.
Unfortunately, that’s normal.

I typed an equation and pressed Enter, and Zoom Math did nothing.
An equation like $x+2y=7$ isn’t a complete math problem, so Zoom Math will wait for you to type the next line of the math problem.

Zoom Math gave me an error message.
Click here to tell us what happened.

My calculator shuts off when I run Zoom Math.
If it shuts off before you can type anything, try changing the batteries. Otherwise, click here to report the error.

My calculator is acting crazy, and I’m not in Zoom Math.
Try resetting the calculator’s RAM.

I need to disable Zoom Math for a test.
Turn off the calculator. Hold down the left arrow key, right arrow key, and ON key, and then release all three keys. Press ZOOM.

When I press the APPS key, my calculator says APPS DISABLED.
To unlock apps again, connect your calculator to another calculator using the link cable, and transfer data. (It doesn’t matter what you transfer.)

I have a different question.
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    "Where I was spending 20+ hours on homework, Zoom reduced it to under 10." - Lori B. Los Angeles, CA

    "The Trace function is invaluable because it allows me to relax and check my work. I can catch my errors on the spot." - Lori B., Los Angeles, CA

    "What I like is that it allows me to totally grasp the concepts of Algebra like never before." Lori B, - Los Angeles, CA

    "Prior to using Zoom I had debilitating anxiety over math success, now that fear is completely gone." - Lori B., Los Angeles, CA

    "I am a 43 yr old mom of five sons and going back to college has been a struggle and math is one of my weakest areas. I must say that ZOOM MATH got me through this hard process wonderfully" - Sabrina K. Tampa, FL

    "This app has saved my life!" - Natalie W. Portland, OR

    "Your programs were instrumental in helping me pass and more importantly, understand, the Algebra and Business/Finance math courses that I had to take to obtain my Associates degree." - Mark C. Buffalo, NY

    "Prior to teaching myself with Zoom Math my ACT on the math section was 24 three times in a row. After studying the problems I missed with Zoom Math's Trace feature as my guide I was able to pull my math section of the ACT up to a 31. I now have a 30 composite score and a full ride to the University of Alabama and you guys are 100% responsible!" - Andrew T., Sacramento, CA

    "We received my son's MCT scores from 10th grade (end of last year). He jumped 3 levels and scored highest in his class." - Kathy J. Austin, TX

    "I completed my math course 6 1/2 weeks ahead of time. It would not have been possible without your ZOOM 300 SOFTWARE. If I had your product at the beginning of my 24 week course I would have completed this course within 2 weeks." - Bernard P., Los Angeles, CA

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