How to Disable Apps

If your Zoom Math apps are not allowed on a test, you don’t have to delete them off your TI-84 Plus—you can disable them instead. Here’s how.

On your TI-84 Plus calculator:

  • Turn off the calculator.
  • While holding down the left and right arrow keys, press ON.
  • Press the ZOOM key (to choose OK).

It’s that easy! Press the APPS key now, and you’ll get an error message.

Unlocking your apps after the test is a little more complicated. (Of course it is: the whole point of this feature is that you can’t unlock your apps during the test, right?) You’ll need to transfer a file onto your calculator, or send a file from your calculator to another calculator. Click here for detailed instructions.

You can’t disable apps on a TI-83 Plus calculator, though. On a TI-83 Plus, if your Zoom Math apps are not allowed on a test, you’ll have to delete them. You can reinstall them later.


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