How to Install an App

Before You Begin

Before you can install a Zoom Math app on your calculator, you need a compatible calculator, and you need a USB cable that connects your calculator to your computer.

You also need TI Connect installed on your computer. If a software CD came with your calculator, you can install TI Connect from that CD. Otherwise, you can download TI Connect from the Texas Instruments website and install it that way. It’s easy to find: just search online for “download TI Connect TI 84.”



Install the App

1. Download the app you want (if you didn’t already).

2. Make sure your calculator is turned on and connected to your computer via the cable.

3. Run TI Connect on your computer.

4. Within TI Connect, run TI DeviceExplorer. A window should appear: “TI-84 Plus – TI DeviceExplorer.”

5. Close all windows except TI Device Explorer, and then drag the app file from your desktop onto “Flash/Archive.” Another window should appear that says,”Transferring…”. Soon, you should see a progress bar indicating how much longer you’ll have to wait, or an error message if there is a problem.

5b. If you get an error message that says you don’t have enough memory on your calculator, delete some apps you don’t need.

6. After your computer finishes transferring the app onto your calculator, click the little + sign next to the word “Applications” in TI Device Explorer. You should see some apps listed now, including your new Zoom app at the bottom of the list. Is it there? Then you’re done!

If you can’t get this to work, you can call the Texas Instruments experts at 1-800-TI-CARES. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us. Let us know which step is giving you trouble, and we’ll help if we can.


Run the App

1. Press APPS.

2. Press ALPHA Z to go to the bottom of the apps list. (Z is on the 2 key.)

3. Press ENTER.

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